What Does a Data Analyst Do?

Data Analyst Reviewing Data

Data Analysts are the detectives of the data world, obtaining meaningful insights from the stacks of data that anyone can build, but few can comprehend. Similar to scientific research, data is gathered (or mined) and the scientist (or analyst) then puts these findings into context for us. In a nutshell, data analysts organise reams of information in order to observe patterns and analyse trends that are specific to your company — but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Top 7 Business Intelligence Platforms in 2021

Colourful building windows outside view - Business Intelligence Platforms Blog Cover

Gartner has produced a list of its current top recommendations for analytics and business intelligence platforms – technologies that help businesses gather, understand, and visualize their data. These platforms serve as the backbone of a company’s business intelligence strategy, using data to make better decisions. Here are Gartner’s top 7 best analytics and business intelligence platforms in 2021.