How Data Analytics Has Transformed SEO

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Data analytics has seen major growth because it allows businesses to acquire crucial insights from large amounts of data. For example, American Express was one of the first businesses that collected and interpreted data in real time so that they could set up fraud detection systems and quickly respond to cyberattacks. Meanwhile, Amazon and Walmart […]

Using Data Visualisation to Enhance Value: Essential Tips for Finance & Marketing Managers

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The Big Data revolution of the last decade has generated enormous amounts of data that paradoxically makes understanding business trends more difficult. Data visualisation is one of the more effective means that have emerged to cope with business’ requirements for data analysis. At its most basic level, data visualisation means using data to tell a […]

8 Types of Financial Analytics to Manage Your Business Better in 2022

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Digital transformation is revolutionising our lives and work, and finance is a business area where this transformation is having a tremendous impact. Today more than ever, you need to be able to capture, understand and use financial analytics to support your business decisions, even if you are not a financial specialist. This is a universe […]

Using Data Analytics to Increase Revenues

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Data analytics is an essential tool in improving business performance. Businesses, both small and large today, are generating enormous amounts of data. Every transaction, every impression, every digital touchpoint produces data. Knowing how to capture and manage this data is not enough. Business owners and managers need to be able to understand and interpret this […]

Top 7 Data Analytics Trends for 2022

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Businesses generate huge amounts of data. Our traditional ways of understanding and interpreting data just can’t provide the needed insights to support business decisions today. Covid-19 has changed so many things, but one of the most long-lasting impacts of the pandemic will be how it has accelerated digital transformation. As we go about our daily […]

Top Data Analytics Companies in USA

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What are data analytics companies? Data analytics companies are organisations that deal with the cleaning, organising and overall processing of collected data for analysing. There are a variety of big and small data analytics companies out there, as well as freelance data analysts, waiting to take on your project. If you are new to the […]

How Data Experts Help Marketing Managers Reduce Time on Monthly Reports

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As a Marketing Manager, you want to maximise the insight you gain from user data as it allows you to understand how effective your campaigns are. Future campaigns can also be better informed through the performance of past campaigns, and a more accurate understanding of your user groups along with any other changes. Skilled Data […]

How to Make the Most of Your Data as the Head of Finance

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Raw data can appear overwhelming, so it is important to understand what you can expect from your data and how data analysts help to organise this data into informative results. In this article we will break down what you need to focus on in order to extract the richest information from your data as the […]

The Advantages of Data & AI in Real Estate

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Artificial Intelligence is probably going to be the defining moment of this century. It’s impact now spans across a wide range of areas from business to medical applications where it continues to change the face of the industry. Real estate is one area where the impact of artificial intelligence and big data analytics continues to […]