Top 7 Business Intelligence Platforms in 2021

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Gartner has produced a list of its current top recommendations for analytics and business intelligence platforms – technologies that help businesses gather, understand, and visualize their data. These platforms serve as the backbone of a company’s business intelligence strategy, using data to make better decisions. Here are Gartner’s top 7 best analytics and business intelligence platforms in 2021.

eCommerce Analytics

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Customer is king and if you know what they need, you have a loyal customer right there! That is why eCommerce analytics is used by all major eCommerce industries and is a key component of digital transformation of businesses. It’s a process of gathering data about your customer based on varieties of metrics set by […]

Analytics on Car Rentals – Making better decisions

Oh! It is 6PM. Got to get back home.  Clicks on Uber App -> Book the ride -> Off to take a ride.   How easy is booking the ride! Everyday there are new features, there are new statistics rolled out for user’s ease. How is data helping the car rental industry today?  Take a read.  Traditional Model Vs Analytics:  […]

Journey of a storyteller

Data Storytelling

Every organisation has its unique way of telling its story. It is crucial to have a story teller in your team. Data Viz is a popular way of representing the numbers, facts and figures of the organization which enables management to make some very important decisions for the business. Today, we have a lot of […]

Artificial Intelligence will change the face of society

To those who have not realised the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), have you ever wondered how your life would be if it wasn’t surrounded by AI? From smartphone to chatbots, from driverless trains to self-driving cars are all examples of how AI is affecting society. Something as simple as watching a movie or TV […]

Crime Analytics

Alteryx helps you solve impossible problems! Overview: The data used here is downloaded from the free source entity regarding the crimes happening in UAE. An additional Column was added: Gender (0-> Female, 1-> Male) Business Challenge or Problem: Data Manipulation Prediction – What are the chances that the convict of the same gender will commit […]

Insurance Analytics

Most of the data workers use Alteryx platform to find more answers quicker! Overview: One of the nation’s leading dedicated health care liability solutions with a diversity of insurance products, namely MedPro Group, came across a challenge to connect both processes and employees with one another due to great size of operations. The key challenge […]

Logistics Analytics

Logistics Analytics

With Alteryx, you can fulfil all your creative ideas and still be analytical. Overview: The Organization belongs to a logistics and ecommerce industry in the United states, namely Big Lots, who used Alteryx for the following: Blend freight and receipt data, delivering detailed transportation visibility and logistics performance to merchant groups. Leveraging Alteryx to optimize […]

Apply Analytics at Gym

Gym Analytics

With Alteryx, you can seamlessly connect to and blend data sets to identify new versus returning customers.  Overview: Gym is a good business with lot of data just lying in the system. A gym client gave it a shot to understand if the data could help with generating more revenue and reduced costs. The answer […]