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Using Big Data in Healthcare: Applications, Benefits & Challenges
How is big data used in healthcare Healthcare is a critical area of our lives that is being digitally transformed.
Big Data Challenges and How To Overcome Them
Big data is an industry that is growing at huge speed. Here are some of the challenges ahead and how to overcome them.
Fostering Customer Loyalty through Data Security
With rising cybercrime and data loss threats affecting companies big and small, data security measures have become a necessary expense for all those who collect data.
What is Data Analytics Consulting?
The role of a data analyst is often conflated with a data analytics consultant. So what's the difference?
Solving Business Problems Using Data Analytics
Data analytics has emerged as one of the most effective ways to reveal core business issues and to highlight solutions. Learn how.
Data Science: The Future of Corporate Finance
Data science works to extract actionable insights from raw data using tools, and methodologies drawn from different disciplines. Learn more.
Event management company (Data Automation)
Overview: An event management company hosts at least 4 big events every quarter. In each of these events, at least […]
Hospital (Data analysis)
Overview A big hospital chain acquired 4 major clinics in the city. The hospital chain and the major clinics acquired […]
Accounting (Data Automation)
Overview: An accounting department of a large organisation had trouble matching the credit and debit data. An accountant was tasked […]
Data Visualization: Storytelling with Data
What is meant by data visualization? Data visualization refers to the presentation of data in a graphical format. Learn more.
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