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Laura Pardoe

I hired a data analyst from Pangaea X to analyze and prepare a furnished report for the year. Amazing results!!! On time and very professional service. I’ll be hiring more often.

Laura Pardoe
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Data Visualization Case Studies
Here are some Data Visualization projects that our freelancers are bidding on
Dentist Clinic
5 May 2022
Data Visualisation
Financial Service
5 May 2022
Data Visualisation
Mortgaging loan company
11 April 2022
Data Visualisation
11 April 2022
Data Visualisation
Astra Holding
11 April 2022
Data Visualisation
FinTech crowdfunding app
8 April 2022
Data Visualisation
Frequently Asked Questions
What types of data visualisation projects can freelance specialists handle on your platform?
Our platform connects you with a talented pool of freelance data visualization experts, equipped to tackle a wide range of projects. Whether you need to transform raw data into clear insights or craft compelling narratives for your audience, our specialists have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.
What are the key benefits of hiring a freelance data visualisation expert compared to an in-house team?
Here are the key benefits of hiring a freelance data visualisation expert compared to an in-house team, focusing on flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to specialised skills:
  • Flexibility: You can easily scale your data visualization needs by hiring freelancers for specific projects.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Freelancers typically charge an hourly or project-based rate, allowing you to pay only for the expertise you need.
  • Access to Specialised Skills: Freelancers often specialize in specific data visualization techniques or industries, bringing a unique skillset to your project.
What are the typical pricing structures for freelance data visualisation experts?
Pricing Models for Freelance Data Visualization Experts:
  • Hourly Rates: This is a straightforward approach where the expert charges a set fee per hour of work. Rates can vary depending on experience, location, and project complexity.
  • Project-Based Fee: This involves quoting a fixed price for the entire project. This is beneficial for both freelancer and client as the total cost is known upfront.
  • Retainer Agreements: A retainer agreement can be a valuable option for both Client and a freelance data visualisation expert. It establishes an ongoing working relationship with a set fee for a predetermined amount of work or time commitment.
What is the average turnaround time for data visualisation projects?
It's important to note that there's no single "average" turnaround time for data visualisation projects. The timeframe can vary greatly depending on several factors:
  • Project Complexity
  • Data Availability & Quality
  • Scope of Work & Deliverables
  • Freelancer Experience & Availability
  • Communication & Collaboration
Here's a general guideline to consider:
  • Simple Projects: 1 week - 2 weeks
  • Moderate Complexity Projects: 2 weeks - 4 weeks
  • Highly Complex Projects: 4+ weeks
How can freelance data visualisation experts add value to my business beyond creating visuals?
Freelance data visualisation experts can add significant value to your business beyond simply creating visually appealing charts and graphs. Here's how:
  • Data Storytelling & Communication: They can help transform complex data sets into compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.
  • Strategic Guidance & Expertise: Data visualisations can reveal hidden patterns and trends that can inform future strategies. A skilled freelancer can help you interpret these insights and translate them into actionable recommendations for your business.
  • Flexibility & Scalability: Freelancers provide the ultimate in flexibility and scalability for your data visualisation needs. You can hire them for short-term tasks, ongoing projects, or anything in between, and their skillsets can adapt to the specific tools and industry knowledge your project demands
Data VisualizationBenefits for The Businesses

Data is king, but raw data can be overwhelming and hard to grasp. This is where data visualisation comes in. Pangaea X freelance data visualisation experts transform your data into clear, compelling visuals that unlock hidden insights and empower smarter business decisions.

Here’s how data visualisation benefits your business:

  • Clarity and Communication: Replace complex spreadsheets and tables with charts, graphs, and maps that everyone can understand. This fosters better communication across departments and with stakeholders.
  • Uncover Trends and Patterns: Visualisations reveal trends and patterns hidden within your data. See customer behaviour shifts, identify sales performance outliers, and track campaign effectiveness at a glance.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Data visualisations present information in a way that facilitates clearer analysis and faster decision-making. Base your strategies on concrete evidence, not just intuition.
  • Enhanced Storytelling: Data visualisations are powerful storytelling tools. Use them to present findings to clients, investors, or your team in a way that captures attention, resonates emotionally, and drives action.
  • Increased Engagement: People are naturally drawn to visuals. Data visualisations make your reports and presentations more engaging, leading to better information retention and understanding.
  • Improved Efficiency: Spend less time explaining data and more time taking action. Visualisations allow you to quickly identify areas needing attention and prioritise resources effectively.

Pangaea X freelance data visualisation experts create custom solutions that  align with your specific goals.  We help you:

  • Choose the right visualisation format: From bar charts to heatmaps to interactive dashboards, we select the most impactful visual for your data story.
  • Design with clarity and impact: Our experts ensure your visualisations are aesthetically pleasing, easy to understand, and optimised for the intended audience.
  • Tell a compelling data story: We don’t just present data; we craft a narrative that drives insights and inspires action.

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