Mortgaging loan company

11 April 2022
Mortgaging loan company


Retiring a legacy system is never easy. This mortgage company decided to move into new system and add 25 dashboards to their kitty in a timeframe of 7 months while adding and combining a few more data sources and complex structures. The massive data had to be handled carefully as the data was extremely crucial which contained confidential and sensitive information.


The major challenge was to convert the legacy system to a new interactive and functional system in a tight deadline. There were several bottlenecks like data prep, complexity of the data structure and scheduling the generation of reports. Many of the codes were to be rewritten due to the migration of data and the departments sat across the globe.


A part of the migration was handled by a group of freelancers as we had to get ahead of time and chose to outsource it. The tools chosen were Alteryx and MicroStrategy. Alteryx designers played a crucial role in developing workflows that extracted the data from SAP, transformed it in a way where at least 40% of the reports could draw the data from one single data mart. This helped in generating the reports faster as simultaneously our developers worked on building dashboards strategically.

Benefits Achieved

  • 40% of the data drawn from one single source
  • On track according to the timeline
  • 12 reports already ready and counting
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