8 April 2022


A consulting firm start-up was requested by one of their clients to improve their sales performance, help increase efficiency from the high level to the leaf level. To add to the existing exercise, the performance monitoring solution of their products and services were to be added.


Hundreds of PowerPoint dashboards were created as a part of presentation which led to redundancy. The firm had to update the dashboards for different departments and there was no way to interact with those dashboards.


Firstly, data was prepared by going through the cleansing process using Tableau prep to bring the data to a good quality & suitable format. Later, tableau was used to visualise the complete set of data to generate meaningful insights. Different types of filters were applied to analyse products, services, territories, time periods and designations to view the outcome in an appealing manner under one single dashboard in real time.

Benefits Achieved

  • Hundreds of PowerPoint dashboards scrapped saving 40% of the resource’s time & effort.
  • Users analysing the data increased by 7% across teams.
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