Financial Service

5 May 2022
Financial Service


A private goal loan financial services had collected data for about 5 years and wanted to analyse their sales and what they could have done to increase the customer sales with them. Since Covid hit, there were a number of customers who have availed the loan and the reporting has been in excel. The manager received at least 30-40 reports every month overwhelming him to a large extent.


The manager wanted to create a process which gave birth to automated reporting. The 30-40 reports had many duplicate metrics and sometimes the numbers did not tie up at all. The consumer behaviour dashboard was the most important one and the numbers did not match as everything was manual. No correct number, no insights and no analysis. Also, another major issue was there was no analytics department or anyone knowing what to do with the data.


A data visualisation expert from Pangaea X was hired by the manager to help with the Automation. All the 40 reports had almost the same raw data that were being used. The expert prepared the data using Tableau as the data had to be blended and joined to ensure the database is centralised entirely. Once the data was prepared, the expert created the versioning system where the data was placed every month and in case there were issues the manager could call for a backup data.

The expert created 5 dashboards – Customer Analytics, Sales dashboard, market segmentation, classification and employee sales dashboard with good look and feel. The manage could access the at her fingertips every day.

Benefits Achieved:

  • Automation of entire process
  • Saving of at 480 hours a year
  • One single source of truth database
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