Data Case Studies and Success Stories

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Overview One of the property management consultants’ missions was to help people empowered in terms of property selections. The major […]
Real estate agency
Overview A real estate agency had at least 10 major clients who dealt with company accommodations in terms of rent. […]
Real estate firm
Overview A real estate firm not only sells houses to customers but also looks out for them in terms of […]
Real estate brokerage firm
Overview: A newly set up real estate brokerage firm had hired a team of real estate brokers. Now it was […]
Ticket booking company. (Data Analysis)
Overview A ticket booking system company serves about 12 destinations. The marketing department wanted to create deeper insights to deliver […]
Customer Segmentation (Data Science)
Overview A retail shop had seen a surge of online orders post covid. The client was interested in studying the […]
Educational Training group (Data Automation)
Overview An upcoming marketing agency possessed customer engagement data, and user data based on different demographics, retail channel partners data. […]
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