Ticket booking company. (Data Analysis)

6 May 2022
Ticket booking company. (Data Analysis)


A ticket booking system company serves about 12 destinations. The marketing department wanted to create deeper insights to deliver campaign mails to their customers.


This could be a business case to the management to invest in an in-house analytics department. The management had to see some kind of value with data analysis.


A new way of campaigning was created. Two new designs were chosen to validate the hypothesis and sent out to the customers at random times. Data showed that their clients clicked on the email with no links but which had interaction points, the first copy led to 20% more clicks and the other one led to 33% more clicks. The freelancer helped set the whole system using analytical tools and automated the email campaign system.

Benefits Achieved

  • 5% increase in interaction
  • Saved 200 hours annual in automation
  • 10% increase in conversion
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