Real estate brokerage firm

6 May 2022
Real estate brokerage firm


A newly set up real estate brokerage firm had hired a team of real estate brokers. Now it was time to reach out to the customers. The team had enough connections to reach out to but that would run out at some point of time. The real estate brokerage was looking to attain more information on the leads.


Getting hold of real estate data is expensive, few companies specialise in selling customer data. The management decided this wasn’t a right approach.


The business owner decided to hire a data extraction specialist who was given 2 months of timeline. The data specialist extracted at least a million rows of data using data extraction tools defining the variables like name, age, salary range, nationality etc. This helped the real estate brokers reach out to a larger audience than before.

Benefits Achieved:

  • Increase in revenue by 100%
  • Savings of 1 FTE
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