PR Company

April 11, 2022
PR Company


The PR Company had developed an internal system to capture the confidential details of their clients with the digital signature as a key differentiator from one record to another. The system has millions of records of users and handling the user data, the ETL Processes had become cumbersome.


The most difficult task was to reduce the ETL process time, especially at the time of adhoc reporting. The overall process of extracting and transforming the data itself took weeks due to the complexity of the legacy system. Even extracting a simple report would take hours.


The management finally decided to upgrade a part of the system to Amazon Web services due to its speed and performance. AWS Data pipeline allowed the data movement and transformations across the AWS Services that were being used. Since its pay as you go service, the costs were reduced a significant amount as well.

Benefits Achieved

  • 25% reduction in the cost
  • Runtime of ETL processes reduced by 60%
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