8 April 2022


An NGO working for the welfare of orphans received donation through out the year across the globe. The account receivables report was tough to manage as the reports creation and maintenance was outsourced to a financial controller freelancer.


There was no system in place, no automation, only manual work. The reports were using PowerPivot causing the slowing down of the reports. Most of the time the team spent went into fetching the right information. The budge allotted for this department was low and the decision had to be smart.


A simple CRM system subscription with low fee was purchased, the data was hosted on cloud. Tableau could connect to the system and extract data from multiple tables. The whole system had to be set up with a low budget. After talking to Tableau, the team was convinced tableau could help them achieve a huge win in analytics where instead of spending 80% of their time on cleansing and blending the data, the team could focus on analysis of it.

Benefits Achieved

  • Reduced manual reporting by 50%.

Real time access to the 15k accounts

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