Marketing firm

8 April 2022
Marketing firm


A marketing agency defines the marketing strategies within budget of the organisations. One such agency wanted to increase its customer base and extend from cities to suburbs. The customer spend would be within the allotted budget which was increased by 15% for the year.


The customer database had many errors such as incorrect spellings, same customer name spelt differently. The agency was unable to identify the trends as the reports were excel based which had limited number of functionalities.


To start, initially understanding the customer behaviour, interpreting the customer lifecycle using marketing data models and suitable tools and applications.

A single source was created by extracting data from multiple sources on the customer database understanding their purchasing behaviour.

At last, market segmentation technique was applied on the customers with the best promotional offers for each market group to maximise the spend of the customers.

Benefits Achieved

  • Increase in spend by an average of 23% for each target group
  • Overall increase in revenue up to 25%.
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