Healthcare chain on supply chain management (Data automation, visualisation)

Healthcare chain on supply chain management (Data automation, visualisation)


The healthcare chain spent about one fourth of their overall operating expenses on the supply chain management. However, it is manual system. No visibility on supply chain as such, only loads of excels with a lot of numbers which doesn’t appeal to the management.


The data analyst was hired to sort out the supply chain data from the system from placing the order, to order fulfilment and invoicing.


Data analyst collated the excel files, standardised them to a format which generated the maximum value in the process, built a centralised repository. The analyst analysed the major data points to display the real time visibility into the supply chain operations. This helped in avoiding wastage and incurring unnecessary expenses. Basically, the analyst automated the process for procurement team which led them to utilise their time on strategic initiatives.

Benefits Achieved

  • Automated process
  • Saved 2800 hours annually
  • ROI boost by 13%
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