Hospital (Data analysis)

May 6, 2022
Hospital (Data analysis)


A big hospital chain acquired 4 major clinics in the city. The hospital chain and the major clinics acquired has a huge amount of data in different formats as every hospital and clinic had different applications, tools and ERPs used.


The diversity of formats caused incorrect numbers in reporting. The data comparison, analysis, transfer and sharing of the data has become the major challenge in the organisation.


A team of data analysts were hired to migrate the data to one common environment. The chose ERP was SAP for transactional records and Tableau Server for all the reporting purposes. The work is still in progress as it’s a 24-month long engagement. However, the client has already reaped the benefit in terms of cost and automations.

Benefits Achieved

  • Maximum value achieved
  • Improved results by 92%
  • Annual time savings of 1020 hours
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