Event management company (Data Automation)

May 6, 2022
Event management company (Data Automation)


An event management company hosts at least 4 big events every quarter. In each of these events, at least 300 people attend where there are different events like fun activities, sports, reading corners, singing events take place. Due to large number of attendees analysis of staffing and scheduling was required. 


Every event has a staffing of over 100 across 2 days in at least 15+ areas which results in conflicts, some underutilised staff and some over utilised staff. This caused low ratings on the customer satisfaction and that needed to be fixed. The client decided to give analytics a shot.


The HR dataset was firstly cleansed across all columns to remove any kind of inconsistencies. The contractual database was then merged with this data to create an automatic scheduling system. The activities report was merged along with the previously blended data set to produce the time slots for each person. All the concierge were placed at the right place and right time to ensure customer satisfaction with regards to customer service.

Benefits Achieved:

  • Savings up to 20% of the cost
  • Optimization of the staff schedules
  • Manual free system
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