Dentist Clinic

May 5, 2022
Dentist Clinic


A dentistry clinic run by Dr B.M wanted to create a visualised report on day-to-day sales activities and her operational expenses. The KPI’s and goals were well defined by the B.M healthcare management of the clinic. Measuring the KPI’s success was vital as this report would also be sent out to the stakeholders of the clinic.


The major issue was the stakeholders were not interested in tools like Tableau or Power BI kind of sophisticated tools. The tool of choice was MS Excel. Creating a heavy visualisation on Excel itself is a major challenge. The data which was collected manually was about 2 years so fitting the data into the charts with limited excel capabilities would also be challenging.


Firstly, the visualisation expert hired used exploratory analysis on the data set. It was mostly marketing data, patient records, marketing campaigns data, PR data and operational expenses data. The data sets were well organised. All the data was moved to one location where the visualisation expert could access all the data from a single folder. The excel dashboards were created using multiple formulas to bring data from one sheet to another. Filters and slicers were added in addition to the charts and graphs created a good and simple visualisation which was enough for the management to track the patient’s history and other details.

Benefits Achieved

  • Automation of the process
  • Reduced time spent on studying and understanding the report
  • Had no insight generation before, now increase of sales by 3% due to right insights
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