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Freelance Data Analysts, Scientists and Business Analysts: Find and Hire the Best for your Project
We’ve put together a simple guide that will help you find the right fit for your project and your company.
Using data to justify internal changes
As with any major business transformation, the move from traditional decision making to data-led business practices takes time.
What is Data Analytics Consulting?
The role of a data analyst is often conflated with a data analytics consultant. So what's the difference?
Hospital (Data analysis)
Overview A big hospital chain acquired 4 major clinics in the city. The hospital chain and the major clinics acquired […]
What is Data Science?
One of the most powerful tools available in business today is from the accurate analysis of big data and this is where data science comes in.
Using Data Visualisation to Enhance Value: Essential Tips for Finance & Marketing Managers
How can data visualization enhance value of a company? Here are some essential tips for finance and marketing managers.
Top Data Analytics Companies in USA
Data analytics companies are organisations that deal with the overall processing of collected data for analysing. Here are some of the top.
How Data Experts Help Marketing Managers Reduce Time on Monthly Reports
As a marketing manager, you want to maximise the insight you gain from user data. How can data experts help you? Learn here.
How to Make the Most of Your Data as the Head of Finance
Raw data can appear overwhelming. How can you extract the richest information from your data as the leader of an organisation?
Data Analytics Companies vs Freelancers
When presented with the options, many businesses are unsure whether to hire a data analysis company, or go with a freelancer. Find out the pros and cons.
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