Logistics Analytics

September 24, 2020
Logistics Analytics

With Alteryx, you can fulfil all your creative ideas and still be analytical.


The Organization belongs to a logistics and ecommerce industry in the United states, namely Big Lots, who used Alteryx for the following:

  • Blend freight and receipt data, delivering detailed transportation visibility and logistics performance to merchant groups.
  • Leveraging Alteryx to optimize parcel routes to drive cost and time savings.

Business Challenge or Problem:

  • Increasing efficiency in inbound transportation logistics:
    • Multiple Data Sources from outsource partners
    • Incompatible data
      • Freight data (Shipment Level)
      • PO receipt data from SAP (PO Level)
  • Inefficient Parcel routing and shipping process:
    • A transportation report would be created to indicate if the current parcel route is the most effective based on package dimensions taking hours to hours to re-route packages.

Working Solution:

Increasing efficiency in inbound transportation logistics:

  • Blending multiple data sources through Alteryx optimizes the transportation process.
  • Alteryx identified 1000’s of PO’s buried in data cells in seconds.

Inefficient Parcel routing and shipping process:

  • Designed Alteryx workflows to help team leverage order data to better understand the items that are going into each package.
  • Critical dimensions were of each item to calculate the size of the box, which was considered as same height and width before. However, the team can view different lengths and heights to easily determine which mode is optimal based on the package dimensions.

Benefits Achieved

  • The inbound logistics optimization process that originally took up to three days to complete is now done in less than ten minutes with Alteryx. The new supply chain visibility, the team was able to identify cost savings opportunities of up to 11% of the total inbound freight cost and spend.
  • The optimized parcel routing process is simplified and automated saving time from 2-3 days to 30 minutes.

Main benefits achieved: –

  • Manual Processes simplified.
  • Efficiency increased and sharing became easier and reliable.


Inbound Transportation Logistics Process:


Parcel routing and shipping process:

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