Tag: analytics

Artificial Intelligence will change the face of society
To those who have not realised the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), have you ever wondered how your life would […]
Logistics Analytics
With Alteryx, you can fulfil all your creative ideas and still be analytical. Overview: The Organization belongs to a logistics […]
Apply Analytics at Gym
With Alteryx, you can seamlessly connect to and blend data sets to identify new versus returning customers.  Overview: Gym is […]
HR Churn Analytics
Anyone can use the solution. Alteryx’s ease of use allows anyone to run the workflows and understand the output. Overview: […]
Clinic Analytics
Alteryx can help clinics and healthcare operators improve their speed of service-delivery by providing their back office as well as […]
Audit Analytics
Alteryx answers a lot of questions from the information saving tons of time and produces quality results. Overview: One of […]
Analytics with Finance
Alteryx has been a boon to a lot of our clients and managed to reduce the time of their initial manual processes.
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