How Data Experts Help Marketing Managers Reduce Time on Monthly Reports

October 10, 2021
How Data Experts Help Marketing Managers Reduce Time on Monthly Reports

As a Marketing Manager, you want to maximise the insight you gain from user data as it allows you to understand how effective your campaigns are. Future campaigns can also be better informed through the performance of past campaigns, and a more accurate understanding of your user groups along with any other changes.

Skilled Data Analysts are able to collect, prepare and deliver automated reporting services for Marketing Managers to clearly represent your current market. This drastically reduces the time and resources you use each month — for one company, report automation reduced the work of 10 people over three weeks, down to 10 minutes and 1 employee. That clearly resulted in massive savings for them, month on month.

However, in order to recruit the right Data Analyst to perform smooth report automation, it is necessary to understand how the following topics play a role in reducing your monthly reporting costs. Any Analyst you hire must be able to perform the following tasks in order to make the most of your data.

Data Collection

Data must be carefully extracted, collected and properly stored. You may come across the abbreviation ‘ETL,’ meaning Extract, Transform and Load. Put simply, these are the three processes that act to move your data from either a single database or multiple databases, into a single, unified data repository.

The Data transformation process changes the structure, format or values of your data and converts it to another. In day-to-day life, this transformation is no different from converting a Word document to a PDF file. Data transformation allows for better organisation and speeds up all subsequent actions. Combined, ETL and data transformation help to seamlessly automate the entire process of report making.

Clean Data

If duplicate data exists in more than one place, it is known as data redundancy. If data reduction is not addressed, it results in data inconsistency and inaccurately skews the data that is later presented in your reports. A talented data analyst can clean this up and ensure the reports you are getting are accurate and up-to-date.

This is particularly important to address when you are combining data from multiple sources. For example, you will likely want to gain insights from your website users as well as from your social media marketing channels. These two platforms both collect valuable data, however they are also used in very different ways. By collecting and amalgamating the data from both sources, and deleting any duplicates, an accurate and unified database is created.

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Centralised Repository

A centralised repository is sometimes referred to as a Data Warehouse, but it is very simply a single place in which your cleaned data is stored. It acts as a single source of true information, from which reports can be accurately pulled at will.

A centralised repository allows you to access and check on your analytics dashboards with ease, speeding up all and any interactions you or your employees may have with your dashboard.

Monitor, Manage and Deliver Reports

Data monitoring, management, organisation and report production can all be automated to work continuously behind the scenes. This organised approach means that when the time comes to retrieve your reports, they can be assembled within a matter of minutes rather than waiting hours or days for your data to run through all the necessary processes at once.

Through automation, all of the above can be done at set intervals, preserving the health and integrity of your data without much — if any — manual intervention.

Report Automation

Automating reports yields better insights within a very short span of time; particularly if your data has been well-organised beforehand, by a data expert. Data analysts can create an algorithm for your company which combines and prepares information from all of your data sources, to produce an accurate, automated report at a set interval.

When comparing manual versus automated reporting, the amount of time saved through report automation is immediately clear. One such case study demonstrates the before and after of automated reporting, and shows just how much time can be saved through automation.

In Conclusion

Within marketing departments, the resources saved through establishing report automation are indisputable. And the benefits these instantaneous reports bring are invaluable; particularly prior to starting a new campaign, or when reporting on the effectiveness of a current marketing campaign.

By bringing a talented data analyst on board, all your data and reporting operations will happen more quickly and accurately. When making marketing decisions, having such a rich resource at your fingertips will allow you to make informed choices based on your current audience, market and performance.

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