Apply Analytics at Gym

Gym Analytics

With Alteryx, you can seamlessly connect to and blend data sets to identify new versus returning customers. 


Gym is a good business with lot of data just lying in the system. A gym client gave it a shot to understand if the data could help with generating more revenue and reduced costs. The answer was yes! To start with- understanding the data was essential, transforming the data was the next step which led to unleash hidden insights and answering questions of the business.

Business Challenge/Problem:

  • Understand if the group or individual will be joining the gym in future.
  • Recommend the class substitutions based on member behaviors to boost attendance.
  • Report revenues based on different types of customer segments.

Working Solution:

  • Data is stored in QuickBooks; data is captured via the mobile applications and the websites- the traffic can be monitored via google analytics. 
  • The data is massaged, blended and transformed to produce the reports on descriptive analytics- how the business is doing at the current stage.
  • Spatial analytics tools is utilized to determine where the highest concentration of customers is- to schedule events and to run marketing campaigns for the specific customers.

Benefits Achieved

Following questions were answered:

  • Will the sales be higher in next 3 months?
  • What is the total membership likely to be in next 6 months, while considering seasonality and attrition?
  • Is the new membership uptick in October a seasonal expectation, an anomaly, or the result of a recent growth trend?
  • Which location is likely to produce the most revenue 6 months from now?
  • Is the group or individual likely to respond after the 1-week trial classes?
  • How can we increase traffic on both- mobile applications and websites?

Main benefits achieved: –

  • A lot of business questions were answered.
  • Reduction of costs in the marketing campaigns based on the consumer behavior analysis.
  • Reduced number of days in terms of effort on manual cleansing and reports refreshed daily.
  • Location(branch) based revenue analysis helped in strategizing offers-which bought in many long-term customers.

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