Captcha consulting company

5 May 2022
Captcha consulting company


A consulting company works building captchas for various websites.


Challenge was to build a data bases of random images, random text, questions. It had to be done within 3 business days. The no of required items with all kinds of formats were at least 5000.


A data entry specialist was given an opportunity to make a quick buck. There are a number of websites where high resolution images can be downloaded for free. Creating random equations and random questions were an easy task but under a tight deadline that task could get difficult.

The captcha equations/ questions were in the following format:

3-2  = ?

What is the 5th number here? 12394

What is the capital city of France?

What is 200 /100?

Benefits Achieved

  • Delivered within 3 business days
  • Cost and time savings by 10%
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