Online store

19 April 2022
Online store


An e-commerce website provider wanted to create marketing campaigns to increase the number of orders weekly and was looking to increase by x%. Hiring a freelancer was something the client was keen about rather than hiring a full-time employee.


The client wasn’t sure what needed to be done next. The client could not provide any data as the data weren’t collected and was hoping to get some help from Pangaea X.


The hired data collector had worked on the similar model before. The idea was to nurture and covert business leads. The parameters were set according to the research done by the data analyst/collector to target the set of customers based on their age, location and other parameters over social media. The data was then collected from diverse databases which was analysed and helped with lead generation exercise.

Benefits Achieved:

  • 7- day delivery
  • Lead generation improvement by 6%
  • Increase in no or orders by 9%
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