Crime Analytics

November 8, 2020
Crime Analytics

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The data used here is downloaded from the free source entity regarding the crimes happening in UAE.

An additional Column was added: Gender (0-> Female, 1-> Male)

Business Challenge or Problem:

  • Data Manipulation
  • Prediction – What are the chances that the convict of the same gender will commit the same crime?

Working Solution:

Crime by Emirates- Input File

Types of Crime -Input File

Each crime is allotted a score which helps in the calculation of black points

Emirates List -Input File

Data Merging, Joining and Manipulation

  • The input files have been merged together as it has the same format.
  • The scores of emirate list and Type of crimes ae joined based on the keys-emirate and crime name respectively.
  • Crime index- Denotes the number of black points which will be added to the account holder of the convict- is calculated by the value multiplied with the crime and emirate score and 100 to get the no of black points generated.


Using boosted model,

The Target specified:

  • Gender

Predictors specified:

  • Type of crime
  • Emirate
  • Value and crime index
  • Year

X predicts the % of chance of that gender committing the type of crime the next time.

For e.g., In the year 2000, a male committed crime against the firearms law in Abu Dhabi, and that led to 18 black points in his account. He is 51% likely to commit the same crime in future.

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