What is data scientist role and why do I need it?

Data scientists explores the data set and looks for the questions that needs to be solved. They have the technical skills to solve complex issues using a mix of scientific methods, algorithms, processes, statistics and qualitative reasoning. Data scientist work on massive data and have an eye for detail. They are part data analysts and part statistician, a combination of it gives birth to data scientist. Data scientists, who are also data analysts, help the organisation and the business grow better generating meaningful insights and enable better decision making.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What skills do I learn to be a data scientist?
To start with knowing how to work with tools like R, Python can help. Machine learning, Deep learning, big data comes next.
Is data science an easy career?
No career is an easy career. However, to be a data scientist you need to understand how to analyse the data and also be curios enough to look for a question that is hidden in the chaotic data set.
Is statistics absolutely necessary to be a data scientist?
Yes. Knowing the tools and applications are great. But when it comes to build models, a lot of math and statistics are required.
Why is data scientist an ‘in demand’ occupation?
The managements love it when a team in their company gives them the direction of the business and what to do next. Data scientists help the management make right decisions but also in a way gives them suggestion of what action needs to be taken.
Why data scientist is so important

A data scientist makes sense of the unstructured and chaotic data. They reduce the horrors of uncertainty for organizations. Data scientists, like the name suggests looks for the questions and research on the answers. The business might not know the issues lying underneath. To get the right answers, you need to ask the right questions. Data scientist asks the questions examining the huge volumes of data.

Here are a few ways why data scientist is important in an organisation with huge volumes of data:

  1. Helping the management take data enabled decisions.
  2. Data scientist uncover the insights which was never known before
  3. Data scientists creates the standard process of testing their hypothesis.
  4. They help in converting the numbers into actions and give a direction in defining goals
  5. Focus on what matters at the moment and devise an action plan. Eg. Where should I run the campaign ads to convert the potential leads within allocated budget.
  6. Identify the potential opportunities and target audiences.

Now how do we know if the decisions taken by the management after analysing the data is correct? Data scientist can test the decisions. They can build a model around the variables and set measures to define the decision’s correctness. From google analytics to survey monkey, from google forms to automated inputs, all the data are collected by the data scientist to test the model to prove the success criteria of a decision.

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