Astra Holding

5 May 2022
Astra Holding


Astra holding dealt with a lot of hard copies due to the nature of their business. The business owner had to get them digitalised. The client needed offline data entry services by capturing the data and transform the hard copies which can be scanned. The scanned copies could then be converted to excel outputs.


The challenge was the tight deadline expected by the client. To balance the mix of quality and cost the client preferred to work with a data entry services company rather than an independent freelancer.


A test run was conducted by a data entry specialised organisation hired from Pangaea X. The initial trial run was run on one resource with 20 screenshots. The goal was to determine the time and cost of the whole project by sampling a small portion of it. The outcome of this test run was a success converted to fulltime project of about 30k screenshots.

The team of data entry specialists captured the data into excel by segmenting the core columns required by the client.

Benefits Achieved

  • Saving cost by 50%
  • On time delivery
  • Digitalisation
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