NMP Groups

11 April 2022
NMP Groups


NMP Groups is the parent company to many hotels across South Asia. They wanted to improve their customer experience and wanted to analyse how their hotels have been doing from past 5 years , so that they can use sophisticated predictive models to predict the sales in the near future. Since there were a chain of hotels, they also wanted to project the output to a dashboard for their internal purposes. However, the initial step was to extract information of the review websites.


The client was looking to create the biggest review database which had all the data about their hotels, its ratings and reviews including its location. The major challenge was to extract the massive data using web crawlers. Also, the data were in different languages and had to be converted to English.


As step 1, the plan of extracting the data was set up. The historical data from all the sources were scraped. The major fields were: Hotel ID, Hotel Name, Hotel Address, Ratings, Name of the reviewer, Description and date. Once the data was pulled in with a structured format using adaptive crawling technique which uses machine earning models. Finally, the data was pulled in a right format and was ready to be visualised.

Benefits Achieved

  • No maintenance cost
  • Real time analysis
  • No manual effort
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