What is data visualisation expert role and why do I need it?

Data visualisation experts performs many functions under one designation like data visualisation, data analysis and organisation of the business intelligence processes using the tools and applications. The expert develops, maintains and manages the BI in addition to creating the dashboards with generates clear and concise insights and enables the management make data driven decisions. Today, every organisation needs business intelligence in order to organise the data and translate it into visuals, like the graphs or charts so that its easier for the human brain to make sense of the data in a glance to generate insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you become a BI analyst?
You will need to have experience with BI systems, analytical mindset and logical mind.
Is tableau good for my career?
Tableau is one of the best leading visualisation tools according to Gartner. It is excellent option for your career as most of the organisations use tableau as their tool of choice.
Is data visualisation in demand?
Absolutely. Data in companies are growing every day. To solve complex problems and increasing volume, the visualisation of it is high in demand to make decisions.
Do we need to know SQL to know visualisation tools?
SQL is the most basic language to learn. If you know SQL, you can work with most of the tools including visualisation tools.
Why data visualisation expert is so important

A data visualisation expert studies the unstructured data, analyses the data and the extent of data preparation and transformation required. If needed, the data visualisation expert prepares the data as well whenever necessary. Once the data is brought into the format, the creative mind of the experts build a story board around it. The main responsibility of a data visualisation expert is to narrate a story by curating data into an easier form to understand, highlight the patterns, trends and outliers in the dataset. The right representation of data is extremely important, as this functionality enables the decision-making activity. The right representation means usage of correct graphs and charts or combination of it. The whole idea of data visualisation is to make the life of management easy with the dashboards as it helps understand the business in one single glance in in a few clicks at your fingertips.

Here are a few benefits of data visualisation experts:

  1. Visualization experts help in defining the correlation between variables. To make a better business decision, making sense of these variables are important.
  2. Visualisation experts help in drawing the past, present and future stories in the dashboards. This gives enough information to the decision makers to potentially invest in the right places in the future.
  3. The visualisers are creative to pin point the areas that requires immediate action or attention.
  4. Without the data visualisation experts, it’s impossible to figure out the opportunities hidden in the data or market.
  5. Everyone is a fan of great UI. Data visualisation experts are not just good at analysis, storytelling and reporting but also add a fresh element of ease when it comes to filtering, slice and dice the data.
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